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Wisconsin Real Estate at its Best

Homestead Realty, Inc. has a real estate agent ready to help.

There are currently about 200 associates with Homestead Realty, Inc who are located throughout Wisconsin. We offer multiple resource centers throughout Wisconsin. Homestead Realty, Inc. is part of a great Wisconsin tradition of a large successful, privately owned full service real estate company. We are continuing to grow and add new resource centers in the state.

Homestead Realty, Inc. is different from others in the marketplace because the agent and seller make all the decisions on marketing the property. Decisions such as where and when the ads are placed are made together. Sellers get the representation they expect and deserve. At Homestead Realty, Inc., the lister gets all the calls on the property because next to the owner, it is the lister who knows the most about the home.

Homestead Realty, Inc. was formed in 1982 as a consolidation of two real estate companies that merchandised new home construction for two builders and several condominium complexes. We welcome new, experienced and prospective licensees to join our firm! Real Estate School available!

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